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Dear friends,

Thank you for joining or rejoining a growing and vibrant organisation. We hope to create a good network of people in our churches to make all our visitors welcome.

The next brochure will be produced  in early 2017 and will run for 2 years.  Churches appear in the printed brochure in full colour. They also have their own page on the website, where details and pictures appear. Churches may also advertise by sending news and events and extra pictures , for posting on your page and/or in the News section of the website. 

Membership - Every Church in the County, especially those that are aware of visitors and tourists in their buildings, is encouraged to become a member. The cost is less than 60p a week so for two years, 2016 and 2017 it will cost £60 per church. 

 Browse the latest brochure so you know what you might be missing. 

A total of approximately 11,165 actual direct tourism jobs are supported by the existence of the £501 million tourism spend in Shropshire. This spend supports a further 3,602 indirect and induced non-tourism jobs, therefore, making approximately 14,767 jobs supported by the tourism spend in Shropshire.  Our churches are a vital part of this industry, the second largest in the county.

You have already found our website which is being improved all the time. Membership ensures your parish entry on this website.

Training and information days are being planned to help parishes with ideas for welcoming visitors.

An occasional Newsletter is sent to members.

We are planning a Facebook Page too!

Do not hesitate to contact Anne if you need to, at <>


Picture: Melverley Church on the banks of the Severn


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